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Are you a forestry or recycling/construction crane operator?

Forestry loader cranes mounted on a truck and forest trailers. Ideal for lifting, handling and transporting long logs and firewood with speed and precision. Specifically designed for any grab need related to timber loading, they have great lifting and loading capacity thanks to their special geometry.

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A wide range of models and a great variety of combinations of recycling cranes for scrap and handling waste and bulk materials.
We manufactur truck mounted and container mounted cranes with the best force in this category to push and squeeze the loaded material.

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The cranes in this range combine minimal amount of space with great outreach to maximize the working area. This cranes are the ideal solutions for applications with clamshell bucket and for tipper installations and are the perfect solution for handling loose materials.

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Our custom cranes are an efficient answer to solve the different complex situations of the heavy duty field. Custom is our solution out from the standard range both for mobile and stationary applications that we develop working with our partners in all the process.

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Why don’t you take a look at how we manufacture our truck mounted cranes for forestry and recycling industries ?
Enter our plant and find out at all the working phases!

We design and manufacture truck mounted cranes for heavy duty use in timber, scrap and recycling sector, developing reliable and durable solutions for any grab application different from the hook.
The craftsmanship that has always characterized our history and our products, nowadays evolves into a new and specific business vision.
Thanks to our entirely internal and independent production process, we are proud to create a product made completely ad hoc, functional, efficient and with an excellent ease of use.


Truck mounted crane for forestry: our Z series
Truck mounted crane for forestry: our Z series

Our new Z Series now available also for Forestry.
The new geometric design of the booms makes this crane a very useful solution for installations on the new trucks equipped with several additional tanks.

Marchesi Forestry crane
The “made in Italy” for forestry crane

From Parma to Cosenza.
Over 1000 km across the Italy for our forestry crane M13000T 02.100. From the manufacturer to bodybuilder and finally to the customer.