Crane Solutions


The excellent hook clearance is one of the strengths of Marchesi cranes. Loading very high and close to the column helps the operator to maximize the payload.

Livello del braccio a riposo | Gru per ecologia e rottame

Short first boom above the chassis allows an easy installation especially on the new truck equipped with several additional tanks. Available in numerous foldable Marchesi crane.

Forma compatta | Gru forestali e gru per ecologia e rottami

Our design grants the possibility to fold the crane together with its attachment even with a large polyp grapple while remaining in the width of 2.55m.

Sistema a catena | Gru forestali e gru per ecologia e rottami

Our chain system is designed for the best speed with a minimal heating increase, thus keeping a great efficiency. Constant and increased oil flow grants the best performances.

Bilanciere | Gru forestali e gru per ecologia e rottami
3 POINT BRIDGE (pendulum beam)

The presence of the three point balancing bridge (pendulum beam) on all our cranes bigger than 10 ton/meters allows a better force distribution on the truck chassis, for an increased durability of the truck&crane working unit.

Biella di potenza | Gru forestali e gru per ecologia e rottami

Our linkage system on main boom, available in our foldable cranes up to 10 ton/meters, allows a constant loading speed in the whole working area.

Doppia cremagliera e ingranaggio | Gru forestali e gru per ecologia e rottami

All our cranes above 11 ton/ meters size are standard equipped with double rack and pinion system. It grants higher torque and extreme reliability even on slopes.

Radiocomando | Gru per ecologia e rottami

Highest precision and comfort are the main needs of the customers who choose the radio remote control.

Cabina | Gru forestali e gru per ecologia e rottami

We work only with the best suppliers to offer you a great quality product. Our cabins come from Scandinavia and are aluminium made, a perfect combination of lightness and robustness.

Montaggio su container | Gru per ecologia e rottami

We have various models designed for container mounting. If necessary, the crane can be dismounted quickly and easily from the truck to lighten the vehicle and gain more payload.

Comandi alti | Gru forestali e gru per ecologia e rottami

Our comfortable top seats are available both behind and back column. On request we can provide top seat with hydraulic lift and descent. The control configuration with top seat is available in various possibilities: linear levers, levers and pedals, servohydraulic controls.

Connessione protetta | Gru forestali

The link to crane attachment and rotator is protected inside the boom.

Consolle di comando | Gru forestali e gru per ecologia e rottami

In only one box we combine comfortable driving things such as the truck engine control (on/off and RPM +/-) and the horn. This package includes also the heated seat that can be controlled by the same box.

Sistema di pesatura | Gru forestali

This dynamic weighing system is precise and affordable with a tolerance between +/-1% and +/-2% on the payload. The system allows the weighing while the crane is moving, without suffering from stress and daily shocks.