Forestry cranes

Our forestry cranes, called also timber loaders, are generally mounted on a truck, on a forestry trailer or on a chipper and are designed to maximize the amount of timber logs that can be collected in a short time.

Marchesi forestry cranes are built to work with speed and precision even under heavy conditions typical of the forestry sector, thanks both to hydraulic system broadly dimensioned that mantains low temperatures and to design geometry that allows loading very close to the crane column.

Whether it is large logs or firewood or wood cut to size, we can find the forestry crane that best suits the specific needs of those engaged with timber recovery and forestry activities.

Different weather conditions to which forestry workers are exposed, make the cabin an excellent solution for work in safe and comfortable way.

Our cabins come from Scandinavia and are aluminium made and they can guarantee lightness, efficiency and comfort. The integrated lifting unit and the materials used allow forestry operators to save up to 200kg compared to a cabin with the same equipment and conventional lifting units. The increase in net payload and at the same time a lower stress on the column and the slewing system, ensures great productivity over the long term.
The interior space is then enlarged comparing to the traditional cabins with wider windows for great visibility, easy access door entry and various options for heating, air conditioning and cabin ventilation.

We build and fit out our cranes to ensure maximum comfort for the forestry operator.



Foldable in Z-type


Foldable in Z-type



L-type not foldable

To give uniqueness and high performances to Marchesi cranes, our designers developed M-Plus, a series of technological innovations for your forestry, recycling and construction cranes.

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